Clubbing Taboos To Remember

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When clubbing, knowing what not to do can often be more important than know what to do. If you’re not sure how you should act, it’s much better to avoid offending or annoying your fellow club goers. Causing any kind of offense, intended or not, can lead to trouble that you would rather avoid. So, here are a few clubbing taboos that you definitely need to remember.Clubbing Taboos

Bothering Other Clubbers

It’s great to be genial and friendly, but don’t overdo it with people who clearly don’t want to be bothered. People go clubbing for different reasons. That reason could be to meet new people or to simply hang out with their own group. If you talk to someone and they respond well, great! If they appear disinterested, move on.

Flirting With People Who Came With Someone Else

Sure, you could argue that guys and gals are free to go home with whoever they want regardless of who they came to the club with, but it’s an incredibly inconsiderate move. The moment you start flirting with a person who came with someone else, you’re immediately in the wrong, end of story.

Dancing Without A Care

You could hit the dance floor and just shake off all of your worries, stress, and problems, but you should still maintain some care. You can’t just go flailing your arms and legs around like you own the place. Accidentally bumping into someone is excusable. Hitting someone’s face or shins because you dance like a deranged lunatic is not.

Abusing DJ Request Privileges

In some clubs, not all, you can ask for specific tunes or beats from DJs. However, more often than not, you can only do this once. The DJ knows how to do their job and if they are particularly good or famous, they won’t likely appreciate being ordered around.

Spilling Drinks Everywhere

If you’re the type to spill the drinks they are carrying when you walk, it might be best to simply stay in one place and finish it before going anywhere. Some people have reflexes good enough to dance and drink at the same time. If you’re not that person, just stick to what’s safe.


  1. Wow! Such informative post! I like the way you place ideas for easy comprehension. Thank you, and more power!

  2. Requesting for your favorite disco music on clubs is always been a bad thing. Most clubs these days have themes, and their DJs do not like the idea of playing music that are not in their playlist LOL

  3. Thank you sharing this very sensible piece of information. Keep up the good work!

  4. Taboos are always there. You can’t really go away from such things anywhere.

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